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Winphotec flash brackets

After years of photo-documentation experience, we are still challenged by the task of photographing dental structures at a high quality standard, considering the narrow light-entrance angle of the mouth. A standard flash bracket can not provide a particulary efficient illumination, because the flash system is too far away from the lense. This makes a high standard illumination level of the mouth very difficult, especially in the back area of a large mouth cavity. With the arrangement of the Winphotec flash brackets it is possible to guarantee an illumination of the object in question, in an easy but effective way. With the possibility of a safe and quick adjustment to the position of the individual flashes, the flash brackets equipment can be adjusted into any axes. Since December 2008, our company also takes care of potential customers, who show an interest in the Swiss flash brackets company Arthur Binz, since the production of the classic lateralflashes was stopped in 2008.

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